• 2012 - First time we spot a rolled ice cream machine in Thailand and it immediately draws our attention
  • 2012 -2014 - Development of our own ice pan machine
  • 2014 - The first prototype of Frosty Griddle’s Standard ice pan machine is launched
  • 2014 - Official launch of the project with a trade license
  • 2015 - Launch of the first generation of Gemini, Sixpack and Dozen ice pan machines
  • 2015 - Launch of the second generation of the cooling system and design
  • 2016 - Launch of the third generation of the cooling system
  • 2016 - Foundation of Cooling Systems s.r.o.
  • 2017 - Birth of Frosty Griddle Double



After being inspired during our travels in Southeast Asia, we decided to take this amazing ice cream machine to Europe.

However, we did not want unreliable Chinese products. We couldn’t find any high quality ice pan machines in the market so we decided to develop our own. It was a challenging process, but after 2 years of developing this technology, we managed to develop Frosty Griddle’s ice pan machine that’s unique by its manufacturing and reliable functionality. Thanks to our unique technology, you can produce twice as many ice cream rolls as your competitors at the same time.

The rolled ice cream machine has been a new trend in Western countries. It has inspired the whole gastronomic industry. If you want to break stereotypes and amaze customers, then Frosty Griddle’s rolled ice cream machines are the perfect choice for you. You can create a personalized ice cream right in front of your customers’ eyes. It is not only an artistic show for them, but they can also value the transparency as well as the freshness of the ingredients. In addition, you can follow all the current gastronomic trends with Frosty Griddle.

Do you have picky customers who are lactose intolerant? No problem. You can prepare right in front of them coconut milk ice cream rolls mixed with any kind of fruit they wish. Are your customers on a diet? You can prepare for them low fat ice cream rolls. Last but not least, your customers will appreciate that your ice cream rolls are all natural as they can watch the whole process of creating their frozen treat.

There are several reasons why Frosty Griddle’s ice pan machine is the one to be interested in.

First, the technology has been consciously developed, tuned up and produced in the Czech Republic in the European Union.

Second, our ice pan machines feature high quality and massive design as well as stable temperatures.

Third, we provide you with a full warranty and post-warranty service. Also, we give you training on how to operate the machine. In addition, we can customize the machine according to your specific requirements.

Our ice pan machines have certificates confirming their high quality:
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001

We have manufactured the machines. Now it’s up to you. What kind of frozen treats are you going to prepare on it? 🙂


After two years of developing the rolled ice cream machine, diligent training, testing, experiments and searching for the right combinations, we have created a series of recipes that consist of fresh and frozen fruit, biscuits, chocolate and many other ingredients. We guarantee you these verified recipes will astonish the customer as well as the vendor. We are happy to explain to you everything with regards to the rolled ice cream business. Moreover, we can help you with your calculations in order to prepare you for launching your business. Together with the ice pan machine, we provide you with:

● A unique and inexpensive way of preparing frozen treats that are sexy to look at

● Thousands of ice cream combinations made from fine ingredients

● Fast return on investment (ROI)

● Training in the preparation of basic desserts. However, there are no limits to your imagination after that. 🙂

● The ice pan implemented in a stainless desk, but also separately as a small GEMINI version

● Our technology – we will take care of the European production, transportation, repairs and training

● Certificates confirming the highest quality: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001

● A guarantee that everybody’s eyes near your point of sale will be looking at your ice pan