• 29.05.2017
  • admin

It is a well-known fact that the best advertisements are happy customers. We don’t hire any actors or rent a studio. We give you real testimonials from real customers. We have been presenting ourselves like this right from the beginning.

You know who is behind the Frosty Griddle’s brand and it is going to be like this forever. That is why we are bringing to you a video testimonial with a real customer. Zátiší Catering Group began to cooperate with us by purchasing one “Standard” ice pan machine. Zátiší follows the same business rule like us; trust, but verify. After a proper verification of the first purchased machine, they decided to buy another one. And how do they feel about their ice pan machines today? What are the reactions of their clients to ice cream rolls? Watch the video and find out.

Moreover, the video describes the path we have gone since the last year. Even though, we experienced a lot of obstacles on the way, we have managed to go further and not give up. We believe that if you do things really honestly and sincerely, you succeed. That’s why we are convinced that we do it right!

Roman and Martin Founders of Frosty Griddle

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